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Upcoming events

Description Web address Date ? Time left
Green reappears 2023-10-09 2 weeks
Christmas! 🎄🎅 2023-12-25 3 months
🎂 2024-02-27 5 months
Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day 2024-04-24 7 months
Worldwide release of the highly anticipated sequel to Harlan Ellison's "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream", titled "I Have No Cock, and I Must Cum" 2024-09-13 11 months
NASA's Artemis program will land the "next" humans on the moon by the end of 2024 2024-12-31 1.3 year
A diplomat sees Bert's feet and world war 3 starts. Bert dodges the draft. 2027-04-30 3.7 years
AnonTalk turns 20 years old, according to his Feb 6, 2010 bulletin: "In a couple of days, AT turns two years. Feels like 20…" 2028-02-10 4.5 years
Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo 2029-05-30 5.8 years
Walter finally finds the feminine dick. 2035-05-15 11.9 years
Cathy tells Kook what made her feel like she hates her. 2037-09-11 14.3 years
100th anniversary of Syntax's invention of Syntax. 2042-08-25 14.7 years
Artemis Program finally lands cows on the moon. 2044-04-20 14.7 years
Syntax dies in 30 years, on his birthday aged 102 2044-08-25 14.7 years
Aspergia is established, democracy is dismantled in the west, and a new wave of Juchesasang spreads the world over 2048-02-16 14.7 years
The British Empire rises again. Cornwall made the new holy land. Popeye's chicken sandwich made less spicy. 2050-04-20 14.7 years
Jesus Christ returns riding Halley's Comet. 2061-07-28 14.7 years
Sim reappears! 2063-06-11 14.7 years
OP stops being a faggot. 2083-06-21 14.7 years
Bush did 911 2101-09-11 14.7 years
Years are properly sorted and time remaining is properly calculated. 2112-12-21 14.7 years
cccuuunnttt stops being a cunt 2384-05-26 14.7 years
An updated version of TinyBBS is released. 2451-10-10 14.7 years
The Constitonal amendments are changbthed 2776-07-04 14.7 years
Green finds true love 3000-01-01 14.7 years
h stops saying h 9001-12-31 14.7 years
Matt stops obsessing over everyone. 9999-01-01 14.7 years
You miss elf practice. 9999-12-31 14.7 years